Collage of flora, fauna and crystal clear sea. Dive into the picturesque submarine world full of unusual rocks, reefs and small caves with your friends or an instructor and experience an unforgettable adventure.


The trip and departure to the diving destination start at the town quay (riva) in Pag at 09.00 with the wooden boat „Nyroca“ with the merry captain and crew. Depending on the diving site the trip lasts from 30 to 55 minutes and goes by very quickly in preparing the diving equipment. The anchoring and briefing are followed by an entrance into the magnificent underwater of the island of Pag which abounds in the beauties of underwater caves, rocks and reefs up to a 60 m depth. Maškolica, Mrkuše, Veli and Mali zaton, Small and big cave are ideal places for beginners and Sveti Krištofer, Sika, Špica and the Šestakovci rocks are for a bit more experienced divers.

After the first dive, a small break on board follows, then a rest and the preparations for the second dive. During the break in which one can enjoy swimming, the instructor makes the divers familiar with the beauties of the underwater.

The return is foreseen between 16.00 and 17.00.

(The passenger capacity depends on the vessel: the wooden boat „Nyroca“, 12 m long: 12 passengers, speedboats: 12 passengers and 10 passengers)


The required diving equipment will be completed in the diving centre depending on the size the person wears. Children aged from 14 to 18 can participate in a test dive with the instructor or a course with a written consent of the parents or carers. When booking a questionnaire is to be filled out and before the departure a statement of responsibility is to be signed depending on the activities in which one wants to participate.

Additional possibilities:

Water skiing, kayak rent, purchasing video recordings and diving photos.

Price of the trip:

„Discovery“ program: 450,00 HRK / person

Site diving – 1 dive: 205,00 HRK / person

1 day – two dives: 375,00 HRK / person

3 days – six dives: 1.105,00 HRK / person

5 days – 10 dives: 1.765,00 HRK / person

Tandem diving: 565,00 HRK / person

Check Dive: 225,00 HRK / person

Refresh Scuba: 375,00 HRK / person

(Equipment + 175,00 HRK / person)

Diving by night: 230,00 HRK / person

Boat trip: 120,00 HRK / person