Kayaking Mrežnica

The untouched natural beauty of the scarlet green river of Mrežnica with about ten waterfalls is a perfect place for a kayak ride.


In order to reach the upper canyon of Mrežnica between Primišalj and Tržić, the most beautiful part of the river, a real wilderness, you have to put some effort. The starting point is upstream from a mill and a bridge near Tržić on the road between Slunj and Tounje. After overcoming smaller waterfalls and rapids you reach waterfalls in canyon with steep cliff s on which the sun shines only a few hours a day, around noon. Despite that, the water in summer is warm and excellent for bathing. We go on to the highest waterfalls of Mrežnica (up to 8m), a magical place for bathing and a picnic. A return along the canyon and waterfalls is foreseen for the afternoon.


Professional sit-on-top kayaks which are simply controlled and easy to use. You will get all the equipment: a helmet, a vest, a paddle, and neoprene suit and a raincoat in case of cold weather. Waterproof containers are available for personal items (cameras, drinks, etc.). Do not forget to take shorts or a swim suit, a T-shirt, spare socks and sandals (or sport shoes), a towel, a sun cream and water, as well as a picnic.


Previous rowing experience is not necessary. Children aged 8 or older can participate if accompanied by parents.

Price: 300,00 HRK / person

Price with transportation from Novalja: 500,00 HRK / person

Minimal number of persons for transportation is 10.