Zavratnica and Rab

One-day cruise on a wooden boat, hand built by its own captain. Discover the beauty of the cliffs and caves of the northern side of the cape Lun, swim in the inlet of the nature park Zavratnica and discover the attractions of the island of Rab.



The departure is organized from Lun, on the left side of the port Tovarnele, after the café bar Ružmarin.

The sailing begins with bypassing the cape Lun and a tour of the north side of the island.

There will be a break for swimming below the steep cliffs in the shade of a cave.

After the break follows a forty minute cruise to the nature park Zavratnica, one of the most beautiful bays on this side of the Adriatic. It’s a 900 m long, narrow inlet located at the foot of the Velebit Mountain, where you can explore the easily visible remains of a sunken warship. At Zavratnica you will have free time for swimming, with the possibility to go snorkeling.

The program continues by sailing towards the beach Pudarica on the island of Rab, where a break is scheduled with the possibility to have lunch.

The last stage of the trip is a visit to the old town of Rab and free time for a walk and activity of your choice, followed by the return to Lun.


Duration: from 10:00 (09:30 Novalja) to ca. 17:00 h.













Adults: 280,00 HRK / per person

Children between 5 and 12 years of age: 50% discount

Children up to the age of 5: free

Organized transport: 330,00 HRK / per person