General terms and conditions – Travel contract



General Terms and Conditions of Service are an integral part of the contract between the company Sunturist d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as Sunturist) and the traveller/guest who accepts the offered and selected vacation package.
Everything stated in the General Terms and Conditions constitutes a legal obligation both for the guest/traveller and for the company Sunturist.

In case of hotel accommodation, Sunturist will only act as a mediator. Sunturist shall buy and sell the service to the guest on its behalf and for its account, in an unchanged state and without any additional services. When providing the service of accommodation to the guest in private apartments and rooms (where the ultimate service provider is a natural person), Sunturist acts as a travel organizer (photographing the offered apartments, counselling, reservation etc.) and implements the Special Tax Procedure (Article 91 of the VAT Act).

Sunturist undertakes to exert every effort to provide accurate and high quality information to their clients. All the information, data and photos regarding the accommodation facilities were obtained from the final service provider. Sunturist does not take responsibility for the mistakes, omissions and irregular updates of the website content.




The accommodation units are described according to the official evaluation given by the local tourist organization when issuing the working license. We advise clients to keep in mind that the standards of services and accommodation vary from country to country and are not mutually comparable. Sunturist offers those services listed on its own web page, catalogue and other printed materials, which is not necessarily equal to the information offered by other selling points. Unless the guest has explicitly booked an accommodation unit of particular characteristics, he or she will accept any officially registered accommodation unit in accordance with the specifications of their Voucher. The guest may enter the accommodation unit after 2.00 p.m. on the day of commencement of service use, and must leave the unit until 10.00 a.m. on the day of service termination. In case of later individual arrivals into accommodation objects (after 8.00 p.m.), it is necessary to notify Sunturist in advance, at least one day before starting the trip. Otherwise, if the guest fails to arrive to the contracted accommodation unit by midnight and fails to notify Sunturist about the delay, the reservation will be considered as cancelled, and termination fee will be charged.




A schedule of charges can be found at each accommodation facility/service. All types of special services not included in the price are paid additionally by the traveller. The listed prices are based on the contracts with the service providers and do not need to match the prices listed in the object where the guest is accommodated, and a possible difference in price cannot be the subject of any complaint. The guest pays certain services directly to the service provider and any possible complaints about those services should be addressed directly to the service provider. If a cash deposit needs to be paid prior to the use of an accommodation unit, the guest will give the deposit directly to the service provider, and both parties will sign a Deposit Confirmation. The deposit serves as a guarantee to the service provider that the guest will not do any damages to the accommodation unit. Upon completion of the service, the deposit will be fully refunded to the guest, once the service provider has established that the guest has left the accommodation unit in its original state. The guest is also obligated to pay the sojourn tax, and the rates range between 2,00 and 7,00 HRK per person per day. Children between the age of 12 and 18 pay 50% of the stated price. If the price of guest registration is not listed in certain accommodation units, it means that it has already been included in the price of the accommodation. If the price of guest registration is listed, it is paid on a one-time basis and for each person. The prices of the accommodation units are given in Euro, and the calculation in Kuna is done according to the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank (Hrvatska Narodna Banka) on the day on which the account is carried out. Sunturist has the right to change the given prices if the accommodation facility changes the prices of the accommodation.




The inquiries and reservations are received electronically and by telephone, in writing or in person at the agency’s office. With the payment of the reservation the guest confirms that he or she is familiar with the General Terms and Conditions of Service, has carefully studied them and fully accepts them. In this way, all that is stated in the General Terms becomes a legal obligation both for the guest and for Sunturist.

Sunturist gives its guests the access to relevant promotion material or program in printed or electronic form, provides them with all relevant information about the service, and refers them to the General Terms and Conditions which are a constitutional part of the contract. When making a reservation, the guest is obliged to provide all the information required by the reservation procedure.

The reservation becomes valid with the payment of the guest. Any other confirmation given in written or verbal form is not valid as a reservation. To make the reservation valid, the guest is required to pay 30% of the full price of the service. The remaining amount has to be paid at least 21 days before beginning to use the service, unless otherwise stated.

Payments are possible by bank transfer to the bank account of Sunturist or by on-line credit card payment. When using means of distance communication to dictate the number of the credit card, it is considered that the guest fully accepts the General terms and Conditions of Service.

After receiving full payment for the chosen service, the guest will receive a voucher with the specified contracted and paid services. The voucher serves as proof that the reservation of the service has been carried out. The guest is obliged to hand over the voucher upon arrival to the accommodation unit or the agency’s reception desk. On the basis of the voucher, the guest will be provided with the reserved service. If more people wish to stay at the accommodation unit than those listed on the voucher, the accommodation facility has the right to deny the accommodation to the guests that have not been registered, unless they agree to pay on the spot for all the additional charges that may apply.

Note: All credit card payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount that the guest’s credit card will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna, according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. When charging the guest’s credit card, the same amount is converted into the guest’s local currency, according to the exchange rate of the credit card associations. As a result of this conversion, there is a possibility of a slight difference between the final charged amount and the original price stated on our website.




Sunturist undertakes to provide the guest with the accommodation/service in the reserved period, except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, riot, strike, terrorist activities, sanitary troubles, natural disasters, intervention of the authorities etc.)

Sunturist may propose changes to the reserved accommodation or cancel the rented accommodation capacity completely or partly, if before or during the time of the stay special circumstances appear that cannot be avoided or eliminated and which would be considered a justified reason for Sunturist not to accept or confirm the reservations in the first place, if these circumstances had occurred at the time of the publication and sale of the stated capacities.

If the guest pays for a reservation that Sunturist is unable to complete (online or based on a wrong offer), the guest will be offered an alternative.

If Sunturist has the possibility to offer an alternative to the guest, a change of the reserved accommodation can be carried out only with the permission of the guest. The offered alternative must be of the same, or higher, quality than the one reserved initially. If the guest accepts the alternative, and it is more expensive than the initial offer, the guest is obligated to pay the difference. If the alternative is less expensive, Sunturist will return the difference to the guest.




If the traveller wishes to change or cancel the reservation, it has to be done in writing (e-mail, mail or fax). “Change” may refer to a change in number of people, or change in the dates of travel at least 30 days prior to the beginning of service use. If the change of the reservation is not possible, and the guest cancels a confirmed reservation because of it, the below mentioned terms of cancellation apply. Changing the accommodation unit and any changes done within 30 days prior to the reservation commencement or during the use of the service is considered to be a cancellation of the reservation.

The cancellation costs will be calculated from the date on which Sunturist receives a written request for the cancellation, and it is as follows:

For the cancellation up to 30 days prior to the arrival, Sunturist will charge 30% of the full price of the reservation.
For the cancellation in the period between 29 and 15 days prior to the arrival, Sunturist will charge 50% of the full price of the reservation.
For the cancellation in the period between 14 and 8 days prior to the arrival, Sunturist will charge 80% of the full price of the reservation.
For the cancellation in the period between 7 and 0 days prior to the arrival, Sunturist will charge 100% of the full price of the reservation.
For the cancellation after departure, or if the guest does not arrive at the reserved accommodation unit, Sunturist will charge 100% of the full price of the reservation.

If the guest does not arrive to the destination until midnight of the first day of stay, and he or she does not contact the agency or the service provider, the reservation is considered to be cancelled and Sunturist will charge the full price of the reservation.

If the actual costs of the cancellation exceed the above stated costs, Sunturist has the right to charge the difference in price.

Sunturist will not reimburse the guest for the costs incurred in obtaining travel documents or visas related to the reservation cancelled by the guest.




Sunturist is obligated to take care of the execution of the service, the selection of service providers, with due care and diligence, as well as to take care of travellers’ rights and interests in accordance with the best practices in tourism. Sunturist must provide the traveller with all the contracted services for a particular package and give explanation in case of failure to provide the whole service or parts of it. All the stated obligations shall be fulfilled completely and in the described manner, except in case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. In such cases, if possible, Sunturist shall offer an alternative solution. In case the reserved accommodation cannot be used, Sunturist shall provide adequate alternative accommodation, of the same or higher quality than the one reserved.




The traveller is obligated to have valid travel documents. The expenses in case of loss or theft of documents are covered by the traveller. The traveller is obligated to abide by the customs and foreign-exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia. The traveller must obey the house rules at the accommodation facility where he or she is provided with the accommodation service, and cooperate with Sunturist representatives and service providers in good faith.
The traveller is obligated to obey the house rules and may not disturb other guests at the facility, in particular between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. In case of failure to obey the stated rules the owner of the facility may cancel the provision of accommodation. People who have not been registered may not stay at the apartment. Any damage caused must be reported to the host or the agency Sunturist. On the day of departure, the traveller is obligated to vacate the apartment by 10 a.m. and leave it in the same condition that he or she had found it in. In case of failure to abide by the stated obligations, the traveller shall cover the expenses and be responsible for the caused damage.




The luggage is transported at the risk of the traveller. Therefore, a luggage insurance by an insurance company is recommended.

Sunturist is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage, nor for stolen luggage or valuables left in the accommodation unit. Reports of damaged or lost luggage should be made to the accommodation facility and to the nearest police station.




The guest provides his personal information voluntarily, to be used in the booking and service realization processes and in further communication. Sunturist is obligated not to share the guest’s personal information with third parties, except for the purpose of service realization. The guest agrees that his personal information may be used in Sunturist’s advertising activities.


The entry and transfer of personal data and credit card number data is protected by the highest security standards provided by the WSPay credit card online authorization system in accordance with the requirements of the credit card associations and PCI DSS standards. The authorization and credit card billing is done by using the WSPay system for real-time credit card authorization and billing.





If, at the time of making the reservation, the traveller anticipates that he or she might cancel the reservation due to certain circumstances, Sunturist recommends the payment of a cancellation insurance policy.


Sunturist also recommends a travel insurance policy: insurance from risks of accidents and diseases, insurance from loss or damage of luggage, as well as voluntary health insurance.

With the signing of the contract between the guest and Sunturist, with these Terms and Conditions being part of that contract, it is considered that the guest has been offered and recommended the additional insurance policies mentioned in the previous paragraph. If the guest requires one of the above mentioned insurance policies, it that can be arranged directly with one of the insurance companies or the agency, where the agency acts only as an intermediary. We recommend that the guest carefully reviews the terms of the insurance prior to purchase.




The contracted party has the right to lodge a complaint in case of low-quality execution of the contracted service. The traveller is obligated to lodge a complaint about inadequate service to the representative of the service provider immediately on the day of arrival and try to find an appropriate solution with him or her. The traveller is obligated to cooperate with the service provider and the agency in good faith in order to eliminate the service deficiencies. If this is not possible, the traveller is required to obtain a written confirmation that a complaint has been lodged which could not be resolved in a satisfactory manner, and upon return notify Sunturist thereof in writing as soon as possible, at the latest within 8 days from the completion of the contracted service. In case Sunturist receives the complaint after the prescribed period of 8 days, it is not obligated to consider it. Sunturist is obliged to issue a written response within 14 days from the day of receipt of the complaint, and may postpone its issuance for another 14 days with the purpose of further information collection and examination of complaint allegations, of which the agency is obliged to inform the traveller who has lodged the complaint in writing. Sunturist shall examine only those complaints where it is determined that the cause could not have been remedied on the spot. Until Sunturist issues a decision, the traveller waives the mediation of any other person, arbitration by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies, the judicial institutions or giving information to the media.




These General Terms and Conditions of Service are an integral part of the contract concluded between the traveller and Sunturist.
The traveller and Sunturist shall try to resolve any disputes by agreement. If not so, the parties agree that the Municipal Court in Pag shall have jurisdiction over any dispute which may arise, and the Croatian laws shall be applied.

In Novalja, November 15th 2017