Kayak, Bike And Hike Along The Wild Rocks Of Pag

Awaken the adventurous spirit within you and free yourself from stress by taking part in guided biking, hiking and kayaking tours along the beautiful landscape of the island of Pag.


Day 1: Arrival to Novalja, accommodation in apartments and free time to explore Novalja. Dinner at a local restaurant in Novalja where we will have the opportunity to discuss the coming days at leisure.


Day 2: Bike ride along the Zaglava bike route, which passes through the Novalja field, Stara Novalja and Zaglava, with a unique view of the Kvarner islands and the archipelago at the foot of Velebit. The bike ride stops at a predetermined place and we continue hiking up to the Svetojanj peak. The Svetojanj fort is one of many such forts built on the Croatian islands by the Byzantine Empire to control the important commercial route. After hiking, the bike route leads to the Boškinac winery where you will have an opportunity to try autochthonous premium-quality wines and wine distillates with medicinal herbs, lunch optional.


Day 3: Kayak ride on the Paška uvala (Pag Bay) kayak route, which starts at the Čista beach and crosses the Pag Bay to the Metajna fishing village. The ride continues along the coast offering a view of the steep cliffs. Arriving at the Ručica beach, the route continues along the coast following the Mjesečeva staza (Moon Path) hiking route and passes the Beritnica and Slano beaches. It approaches the cave and the Veliki and Mali zaton beach near the Paška vrata beach, and then crosses the Pag Bay to the Bošana beach. Further along the coast, there is the Dubrava beach, above which there is a reserve forest of the Island of Pag, and a number of sandy beaches (Sveti Marko, Sveti duh) all the way to the Čista beach.


Day 4: Bike ride on the Lunjski maslinik (Lun Olive Grove) bike route which starts in Novalja and leads along the Lunjski put (Lun path) up to the botanical reserve containing numerous olive tree sorts, which is considered a phenomenon unique in the world. Taking several breaks, the ride continues along the picturesque path with a beautiful view of the Kvarner Gulf, the sea, and Velebit. At the end of the olive grove tour, there will be an olive oil tasting. Fish dinner optional in the local restaurant called Luna.


Day 5: Possibility of choosing one of the following excursions: exploring the Plitvice Lakes National Park or the Krka National Park, cruise in the Kornati National Park, Canoe Safari in the Zrmanja Nature Park.


Day 6: Kayak ride on the Podvelebitski kanal (Velebit Channel) kayak route, which starts on the Jadro beach near Stara Novalja. The beach is covered in fine pebbles and large rocks in places. The route continues approaching the Triget islet. This is an opportunity to enjoy the view of steep cliffs and caves, the typical karst landscape of the Island of Pag. Following the coastline, the route leads to the Svetojanj Bay, one of the most beautiful Pag’s bays with a penninsula, with a view of the Velebit. From the Svetojanj Bay, the kayak ride continues to the Žigljen Bay. Return to the Jadro beach.


Day 7: Bike ride on the Kolan bike route leading via Slatina to the Kolanjsko blato ornithological reserve, wetlands rich in diverse life forms, especially birds. The route continues to the Girenica beach, swimming optional. Visit to the Gligora Cheese Diary and tasting of Pag Cheese, the autochthonous product, which compares favourably with the world’s most renowned cheeses. After the tasting, we continue hiking to the Sveti Vid peak. Lunch optional at a local restaurant in Mandre.