Activities - Diving - Site program

Diving - Site program

The rich flora and fauna of the submarine world invite you to dive into the crystal clear sea with your friends or your instructor and experience an unforgettable adventure!

Activity description

Exploring this sensational discovery is available to you too! Departures can be organized from Šimuni Camp and Straško Camp. The diving instructor explains the program to the divers, shares some facts about the Roman shipwreck with them and provides general information about the island of Pag as a first-class diving destination. The initial talk is followed by a ride in a dinghy boat that may carry up to 12 people. The ride from Šimuni Camp takes only a few minutes, while the ride from Straško Camp takes about twenty minutes. The archaeological site of the Roman shipwreck from the 1st century BC is located between the Mala Cove and Vela Letavica, near Cape Letavica, between Šimuni and Mandre. It is a sunken ship that dates from the beginning of the first century BC. It is assumed that the ship was on the way to the Šimuni Cove, which was, according to certain sources, a Roman harbour and a refuge from the strong “bura” wind. The boat lies at a depth of 37 to 39 meters, at a distance of about 130 meters from the shore. Within the area of 21 meters, there are between 400 and 600 well preserved amphorae. The amphorae are mostly covered with biofouling and have merged into a compact whole, with only a small part being located a bit further from the main concentration of the finds on site. The site at Cape Letavica is unique in the world since there are no protective cages to preserve the site. Owing to modern technology, the location and movement of a diver is monitored by a sounder which makes sightseeing available to everyone. The diving towards the shipwreck starts from a plateau that is located at a depth of 14 meters, and the lowest depth to which the diving is performed is between 36 and 38 meters. The dive takes up to an hour and a half at the site itself. The total duration of the program is up to 2 hours. You need the Advanced Open Water/R2/ equivalent or higher category certificate, as well as a record of dives performed in the last 30 days. At the end of the program each participant gets a special stamp in their diving booklet and a gift, a souvenir amphora which is a small replica of a Lamboglia 2 type amphora found at Letavica.

Price and duration

/ person
Adults: 48 € / person
Equipment rental: 32 € / person
Transport price: 6 € / person
Activity duration: 2 hours
One way transfer: No Transfer

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Adults: 48 € / person

Equipment rental: 32 € / person

Transport price: 6 € / person


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