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Total Elimination

The game Total Elimination is played by two teams with the same objective – to eliminate all opponents with minimum losses on its own side. The teams are distinguished by different coloured markers. The winning team is the team which remains in the field with one or more players.

Capture the Flag

The game „Capture the Flag“ is played by two teams. Each team has the objective to capture the flag which is in the opposing team’s base and to bring it back to the base. In order to capture the opposing team’s flag each team has to implement an agreed strategy in a dynamic and competitive environment as successful as possible. The winning team is that team which first takes the opposing team’s flag and brings it back to its own base.

Attack and Defence

The game „Attack and Defence“ is played by two teams. The defending team is set on a limited, bordered area with the flag. The defending team is not allowed to leave its designated area and the attacking team may approach from any position in the field. The eliminated players are not allowed to reveal by means of gestures or speech the intentions or positions of the opposing team. The attacking team takes the victory the moment the flag is grabbed and the defending team when the attacking team is prevented from taking it.

The price includes

The package includes 200 balls and the price of an additional package is 14 €.


Start playing an exciting and dynamic game, wake up your instincts and eliminate opponents by hitting paintballs on fields along the beautiful sand beach Caska.

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