Activity - Party boat

All Inclusive Party Boat

Party in the Pag Bay, jump off the boat and take a swim while enjoying the views of beautiful sandy and pebbled beaches. Dance to great music, enjoy a cold drink and explore a hidden cave. Fill your summer at Zrće Beach with fun and take a ride on the party boat.

Activity description

The party boat sets out from Zrće Beach towards its first destination, Gače Cave, where we take our first half-an-hour break. During the break, the guests can jump off the boat and the rocks next to which the boat is moored and explore a hundred meters long cave. Swimming in the cave is advisable only to good swimmers with an adventurous spirit and is done at one's own risk. The boat continues towards its next stop, the Beriknica beach, where the guests can swim and jump off the boat again. Since the boat is anchored in the immediate vicinity of the beach, the guests can swim to the beach and take a short break to sunbathe. After a half-an-hour break, the boat sets out towards Zrće beach, where the program ends at 4 p.m.

Price and duration

/ person
Activity duration: 3 hours
One way transfer: 10 minutes

The price includes

Meal - chickenburger and french fries. Throughout the trip, guests have access to an unlimited amount of the following drinks: vodka-juice, gin-tonic, beer, cocktail "Sex on the beach", red and white wine, still and carbonated water, juice and Coca-Cola.

Transfer from / to Novalja as well as the possibility of boarding / disembarking from the ship from the town of Pag.

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