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A private yacht tour with your family and friends to beautiful sandy coves where you will enjoy magnificent views of the landscape and crystal clear sea.


The tour starts at the Novalja waterfront. After setting out from the harbour, the sailing continues south-east towards the Mišnjak and Maun islet. After a 30-minute break for swimming, the tour continues north-west towards the Babe Beach, the shallowest beach in Novalja, where the sea is the warmest. Being located in a sandy cove, the beach is perfect for all lovers of picigin, the favourite activity for a fun day at the beach. During the tour you can enjoy views of Novalja, the beautiful Velebit mountain, the surrounding islands of Maun and Skrda, with the islands of Silba, Olib, Lošinj and Cres also being visible in the distance. The beauty of the blue horizon will profoundly relax you and provide a full summer experience. A refrigerator and an icebox are available on the yacht, so feel free to bring food and drinks to keep you cool and refreshed at any time during the tour.



Organizing an extended, ten-hour long tour, with visits to the islands Olib and Silba.

The minimum number of people for the tour is 10. It is possible to organize the tour for a smaller group as well, but still for the price of 10 people. The maximum capacity is 12 people.

Location of departure

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