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The departure is organised by bus at 15:45 h from the roundabout in Novalja. At the arrival at the homestead Mićanovi dvori guests are served a welcome drink followed by a tour of the tavern and a typical house of Bukovac accompanied by the story of the farm, description of the micro region, traditional crafts and trades and natural landmarks of the area with a special accent on the traditions. What follows is a “Village Olympics”; this activity is especially interesting for all those who wish to have fun and laugh with light activities. The Village Olympics consists of old traditional sports: throwing a rock from a shoulder, pulling a rope, throwing a horse shoe and jumping in sacks. When the Village Olympics is finished, there is a short performance of the Cultural Artistic Society Zrmanja which in a 30-minute show describes the people and traditions of this area at the “guvno” which is located within the homestead. It is followed by a traditional feast of Bukovac. Within the homestead there is a tavern with a fi replace with 60 seating places and the house of Bukovac which is decorated in a traditional style with two open fi replaces and which has 220 seating places. Next to the tavern on the homestead surrounded by the untouched nature there is also a terrace with 250 seating places.

The price includes

1 l wine (white or red – by choice) and 1 l water (sparkling or still – by choice).

The menu consists of:

-horse d’oeuvre: ham and cheese

-main course: veal and / or lamb with potatoes under a baking lid with season salad

-dessert: traditional wedding cake of this area – Prisnac


Relax and have fun in a pleasant atmosphere of a homestead Mićanovi dvori where in an autochthonous environment you can enjoy selected dishes of exclusively Croatian cuisine prepared in a traditional way or participate in cheese and wine tasting.

Location of departure

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