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The autochthonous medicinal plants of the island of Pag have for centuries defied the harsh conditions of the karst aera in a quiet but sovereign way. While its flowers amaze with the beauty of colors and shapes, the fruits provide a unique experience for the palate and countless benefits for the body.


Near the centuries-old olive trees of Lun is another treasure of the island of Pag, plantation of immortelle, figs, almonds and olives, the crown of a wonderful family story of love and excellent knowledge of indigenous medicinal and aromatic plants. The production of natural products from the previously mentioned and other high quality raw materials of the island of Pag such as laurel, sage, vitex, spruce and lentisk takes place in a distillery equipped with modern equipment that ensures ecological production. Yellow immortelle flowers adorn like a gold the aromatic herbs of the island of Pag, which, and thanks to their well-known medicinal properties has widespread use in natural cosmetics. To the visitors of the plantation, in addition to a tour of the distillery, is offered the opportunity to taste liqueurs and herbal juices, to take part in harvesting immortelle and figs, workshops where they can make fizzy aromatic bath balls, macerate, cocoa bars, lip balm, solid perfumes with rose, immortelle, orange, lavender or lemon.

The price includes

A welcome aperitif – homemade brandy (olive or sage liqueur) or herbal juice of mint and sage, distillery tour, chocolate bar making workshop.


Possibility to buy products such as immortelle cream, immortelle serum, immortelle essential oil, immortelle macerate, immortelle hydrolat, lip balm, sports oil, golden oil, flavored salt, fizzy aromatic bath balls.

Possibility to organize a transfer from Novalja.


Information on healing benefits of flavored salts, harvesting figs and immortelles, macerate, solid perfumes, lip balms and effervescent aromatic balls workshops.

The price of each additional option is 20 € per person.

The price includes a welcome aperitif (homemade brandy – olive or sage liqueur, or herbal juice of mint and sage, with wine and cheese tasting) and distillery tour.

Possibility to organize individual and group departures.

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