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The starting point of the tour of Novalja is at the location known as «the three stones» at the end of the main waterfront. The tour continues with a pleasant stroll along the walkway, during which the visitors learn about the significance of the particular geographical position of Novalja, and its impact on the status the town upheld in the course of history. One of the stops along the way is at the Briščić Square, the site of the well-known statue of Kate Novaljka. Walking along the walls of the old town of Kaštel, we arrive at the Alojzije Stepinac Square and continue to the Stomorica archaeological collection and St Catherine’s Church, next to which is the Era Gallery. The tour continues to the place called Crnkovićevi Dvori, the summer workshops venue focused on the preservation of cultural heritage. The visitors are then led to the Church of Our Lady of Rosary, also known as Mala Crikva, built on the foundations of the biggest basilica on the Adriatic coast, and one of the three basilicas in Novalja. Next stop is the Town Museum, located at the entrance of the ancient Roman aqueduct. Following the visit to the museum, we complete our tour at the Ruža Vjetrova Square.

The price includes

Guided tour and museum ticket.


Once upon a time the main port of the Roman town of Cissa and one of the major ports on the maritime route between the Italian north and the Mediterranean south, the Novalja of today cherishes its past, and builds its future on the foundations of its rich cultural heritage.

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