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Lun Olive Tree Road

A botanical reserve with numerous olive tree species on the territory of Lun is considered to be the world’s unique phenomenon. This fascinating and unique oasis of biblical olive trees preserves peace underneath the tree tops of millenarian trees.

Pag Cheese Road

An autochtonous product which compares favourably with the world’s most famous cheeses. Its rich and fl avourful taste is a result of the island’s stone and salt, medicinal and aromatic herbs as well as of the tradition of the island of Pag.

Boškinac Wine Road

Wine-growing tradition and mild Mediterranean climate have contributed to the development of flavourful autochtonous wine varieties and wine distillates infused with medicianal herbs.


The tour starts in Novalja in the morning from where you will be transferred to Kolan. You will then be taken for a guided tour of the cheese diary, where you will be told about the technology and process of cheese making and have a chance to taste Pag Cheese. After cheese tasting we head toward Lun to take a walk through the Botanical Reserve and learn about the history of olives and their importance today. The tour continues by visiting the Boškinac Hotel to enjoy wine tasting and learn about diff erent sorts of grapes, vineyard cultivation, and how grapevines are grown and cared for. The return to Novalja is planned in the afternoon.

Location of departure

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