Activity - Night Glow Sup tour

Night Glow SUP Tour

Enjoy a fun activity in the evening ambience of the Pag bay!

Activity description

Caska beach, located on the north-western part of the Pag bay, is one of the best-known beaches on the island thanks to its shallow sandy bay, and as such it is an exceptional starting point for a guided SUP tour. After receiving introductory instructions and the equipment from the guide, the tour departs towards Zrće beach, the most popular party beach, which you will experience in a completely different way while enjoying the panoramic view from the sea. While paddling towards Zrće beach you will get to know the unique landscape of the Pag bay. The first break for rest and some swimming is planned once you arrive to the beach. As the sun slowly sets and the evening ambience takes place, the tour continues towards the impressive Tunera, a former tuna fish observation tower, on the opposite side of the bay. After the sunset, colorful lamps under the SUP boards are turned on to illuminate the sea, which enables an unforgettable nocturnal experience of the sea. Approaching the Tunera tower, you will enjoy the view of the shimmering sandy seafloor, and maybe even get to feel a sense of the past while paddling over a submerged Roman settlement. The second swimming break is planned by the Tunera tower. After the break you will return to Caska beach where you can enjoy night swimming.

Price and duration

/ person
Adults: 54 € / person
Persons and children using SUP as an escort: 50% discount

Transfer price from Novalja: 8 € / person
Activity duration: 2,5 hours
One way transfer: 3 hours

The price includes

The price includes: equipment and expert guidance

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Adults: 54 € / person

The price includes: equipment and expert guidance.

Transfer price from Novalja: 8 € / person

Persons and children using SUP as an escort: 50% discount


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