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Take in the peace and quiet of the Olive Gradens of Lun, a lovely place with a past that dates back to biblical times. Riding along fine macadam roads will give you a chance to fully enjoy the beauty of centuries old olive trees.


The cycling tour starts in Novalja and takes you to the botanical reserve of a variety of olive tree species that is considered to be a unique place in the world. Several breaks are foreseen along the scenic road with beautiful views of the Kvarner archipelago, the sea and Velebit mountain. The tour continues to the picturesque place called Lun, characteristic for its charm and relaxed atmosphere.

The price includes

Guided tour, transport, ticket and equipment transport.


Transport can be organized for a minimum of 10 people.


Tasting: 9 € / person

Lunch at a local restaurant: 9 € / person


1. Novalja (starting point)

2. Pond

3. Olive Gardens of Lun

4. Lun


Points:1, 2, 3, 4

Length: 45 km

Highest point: 123 m

Asphalt percentage: 93%

Macadam percentage: 7%

Difficulty: 4/5


Points: 3, 4

Length: 7 km

Highest point: 97 m

Asphalt percentage: 55%

Macadam percentage: 45%

Difficulty: 1/5

Location of departure

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