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The combination of rocky terrain and plain parts, of hidden bays of the Upper Sea and the remnants of a bauxite mine delights with its story and landscape diversity.  


The programme starts in Zubovići and continues with an approximately one hour long walk to Kozje Berdo, at an altitude of 127 meters. On the hill itself there is a stone pile that consists of several concentric circles that originate from the Bronze Age. The top of the hill offers a beautiful view of the Velebit mountain and its Channel, as well as the entire Pag bay and several fort remnants and lowland settlements in the area of the city of Novalja. The route continues towards the bauxite mine and the magical bay of Vela Luka, followed by a walk along the shepherds’ paths to a well of fresh water. The tour ends at the starting point in Zubovići.

The price includes

Guided tour and transport from Novalja.


Transport can be organized for a minimum of 10 people.


Tasting at Boškinac Winery: 9 € / person

Lunch at a local restaurant: 9 € / person 


1. Town of Zubovići

2. Kozje Berdo hill

3. Bauxite mine

4. Vela Luka beach

5. Badnjina cove

6. Dolac plain

7. Road to Zubovići


Points:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Length: 4 km

Highest point: 129 m

Difficulty: 2/5

Location of departure

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