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The phenomenon of Pag Triangle, which attracts the attention of ufologists and alternative investigators, and the Osapnik path, located in the rockiest part of the island of Pag, provide a unique experience.


The route starts from a parking lot between Caska and Vidalići and continues along the drystone walls towards the Pag Triangle, which was discovered 20 years ago near the Žigljen ferry port. The structure of the stones inside the triangle is different from the ones outside of it. The discovery of the Pag Triangle in 1999 caused a real sensation, especially after reports of seeing mysterious lights started to appear. The hike continues towards the Osapnik hill. Its peak is 174 meters high and there you will find remains of a stone pile which consists of several concentric circles. Osapnik offers a fascinating view of the Velebit Mountain and the Podvelebit Channel.

The price includes

Guided tour and transport from Novalja.


Transport can be organized for a minimum of 10 people.


Tasting at Boškinac Winery: 9 € / person

Lunch at a local restaurant: 9 € / person


1. Road to Vidalići

2. Drystone wall

3. Pag triangle

4. Osapnik pile

5. Well

6. Town of Kustići


Points:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Length: 6 km

Highest point: 158 m

Difficulty: 4/5

Location of departure

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