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The trail through the hinterland of the city of Pag offers breathtaking views of the sea salt factory, Pag’s coastline, the Zadar Archipelago and the majestic Velebit Mountain, and it points out the importance of the island of Pag, both in the past and the present.


The programme starts at a hunting house at the very top of the trail with a story about the wind “bura“, one of the main shapers of the terrain configuration of the island of Pag, the lifestyle of its residents and the originality of its autochthonous products. The route passes by the colossal windmills, located in the perfect position for electricity generation, and continues towards the remnants of St. Juraj’s Church, located on rocky terrain north of the city of Pag. The church was built in the 6th century, during Byzantine Empire, as part of a fort with ceramics remains preserved to this date. The programme ends at the city of Pag. 

The price includes

Guided tour, transport from Novalja.


Transport can be organized for a minimum of 10 people.


Tasting at Gligora Cheese Factory: 9 € / person

Lunch at a local restaurant: 9 € / person 


1. Windmills

2. Medieval estates

3. St. Juraj’s Church

4. City of Pag


Points:1, 2, 3, 4

Length: 5 km

Highest point: 255 m

Difficulty: 2/5

Location of departure

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