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The fairy-tale atmosphere of the lunar landscape of Pag Bay will delight you with its overwhelming contrast of the blue skies and sea and the white stone. Get lost in the magic of the scenery and the views of the beautiful beaches which are often the main reason why tourists visit the island of Pag.


The tour starts from Metajna. Following the guide's introductory instructions, the participants will be given the necessary equipment. Kayaking will start along Zaglava Beach, under the pine tree branches that are overhanging the beach and providing much needed shade, towards Ručica, a well-known beach which has served as inspirational scenery for many movie, music and fashion shoots. The tour continues south-east along the coast towards the beach of Beriknica, where the first break for swimming and picnic is planned. Beriknica is known for the natural installation consisting of three unusual rock patterns in the sea and the Stogaj rock, visible from the shore, both making this beach a recognizable symbol of the island of Pag. Stogaj is a peculiarly shaped rock that attracts a large number of rock climbers from all over the world. Kayaking continues towards the beautiful Slana Beach, with long and spacious sandy beaches appearing one after the other along the way. The next stop is Malin Beach, a secluded pebble beach located near the Paška Vrata passage with a freshwater source in its proximity. The route continues along the shore to the Gače Cave, about a hundred meters long cave with an exit to the other side. A visit to the cave is recommended only for good swimmers and at one’s own risk. The visitors can walk through the first part of the cave and then gradually enter the sea and swim towards the exit. Those who decide to explore the cave need to get back to the entrance to the cave. The tour continues towards Veli Zaton, a beach of interesting configuration and crystal clear sea, which forms part of the Pag Bay ring that consists of up to 27 km of beaches. After a break, the tour ends by kayaking north-east back to Metajna.

The price includes

Guided tour, equipment.


Minimum number of participants: 10.

Kayaks and equipment:

You can choose between sit-on-top kayaks for two with an extra seat for a child up to 12 years of age or a one-seater kayak. Each kayak is equipped with a 20 litre waterproof bag (for storing cameras, documents, dry clothes, food, drinks). Each participant is given a paddle and a life vest. Neoprene suits (shorts) and slippers are used only in case of cold or windy weather.

Personal equipment:

Bring a T-shirt, swimsuit, towel, spare socks, sandals or water sneakers. In case of cold weather also bring a long-sleeve T-shirt (preferably a synthetic one). If you wear glasses, fasten them with a string or something similar. The tour operator is not responsible for lost, damaged or missing items.


Lunch at a local restaurant: 9 € / person.

Location of departure

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