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The tour begins at the former ferry dock of Drljanda in Stara Novalja. After the guide shares some introductory information about the itinerary, the participants are given the necessary equipment. The kayaking route starts north-east along the coastline. After passing along Jadra, a beautiful beach where it's possible to take a break for swimming, the tour continues along the islet of Triget, the underwater cliffs of which reach up to 45 meters. A visit to Slatina, a near-by beach of rocky shores and several freshwater springs, also forms part of the tour. The kayaking continues towards Koromačina Beach, overlooked by a lighthouse, with its shoreline covered in fine gravel and low shrubs that create an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere, while an interesting small lawn that extends above the beach offers an ideal spot for a picnic. The highlight of the tour are the coves of Veliki and Mali Svetojanj. They shape the peninsula at the top of which lies the fortress of Svetojanj from the Byzantine period, from the time of Emperor Justinian. At the time, the East Adriatic waterway was one of the most important trade routes which the Eastern Roman Empire wanted to protect by building fortresses such as Svetojanj. One can even feel the spirit of mysticism of this cove, which has several island legends attached to its name. After taking a break in the coves of Veliki and Mali Svetojanj, the tour continues towards a small, secluded beach called Lusk. Kayaking towards it offers an adventurous experience of passing through a mystical canyon. The last stop of the tour is the beach of Vojska, which has a freshwater spring located right on its shore. The cove of Vojska is shallow, and the coastal belt is slightly descending. Finally, the tour ends by heading back to Drljanda.

The price includes

Guided tour, equipment.


Enjoy the view of the magnificent Velebit, its Channel and the impressive remains of a fortress that testifies to the importance of the island of Pag on one of the most famous maritime routes in history. The charm of the secluded coves and the magic of the interesting forms of coastal rocks will inspire you to explore further and further.

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