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A drop of olive oil is a drop of pure health, it contains all the charms of the Mediterranean and the love of the sun. The botanical reserve of numerous olive tree varieties that exist in Lun area is considered to be a unique place in the world. While taking a walk around the trees of fascinating appearance, with their roots intertwined with the ground and stones, you will feel part of the majestic history that has occurred under these treetops for centuries. Breathe in the peace in this oasis of biblical olive trees while enjoying the authentic sounds of crickets and the bleating of near-by sheep herds. Learn how the precious olive oil is produced. After the tour of the olive gardens is complete, it is possible to continue the walk to the very end of the island, Lun, and the port of Tovarnele.

The price includes

Transport from Novalja, guided tour and ticket.


The olive gardens, unique for their age that dates back to biblical times, the number of self-grown olive trees and the quality of oil produced from their fruits, invite for a walk which will fill every heart with inspiration.

Location of departure

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