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The excursion starts in Novalja from where you will be transferred to the National Park Northern Velebit by tourist bus with a guide. This mountain adventure takes place along the Premužić Path, one of the most beautiful paths on Velebit. Velebit is famous for its incredible bio-diversity, richness of woods, canyons, rocks, caves that fill visitors with enthusiasm. It is a home to one of the Croatian most famous endemic species, Velebitska Degenija. Due to its magnificence it is considered a Croatian national symbol and as such is the topic of numerous poems, tales and legends. It is of elongated form with steep sides. You will come across several belvederes overlooking the Zadar archipelago. The path does not have steep ascents and is perfect for a pleasant hiking tour. It goes through a dense wood of old pines, fir-trees and beeches.

The price includes

Ticket to the park and a guide from Novalja.


Unique biological diversity and beautiful nature with a magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea and the islands.

Location of departure

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