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The excursion starts in Novalja from where you will be transferred to Kaštel Žegarski by tourist buses. Kayaking tour (changing, instructions and boarding) starts at 9:30. The first part of the tour to the mouth of the river Krupa lasts an hour and three quarters; the visit, swimming and picnic on the Krupa waterfalls last another hour and a half; and allow for another two hours to kayak down the river Zrmanja to Muškovci. It makes a total of three hours to kayak down the river and an hour and a half for occasional breaks and swimming. Kayaking is not fatiguing or dangerous, the water is clear and warm during the summer months, which makes it a perfect adventure for beginners. We plan to return to Novalja at 18:00.


Kayaking down the river Zrmanja with an expert guide and a skipper. Enjoy a beautiful landscape with fascinating waterfalls and swim underneath them.

Location of departure

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