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The beautiful pebbly and sandy shore of St. Marko invites visitors to enjoy its beauty and explore its attractions. St. Marko Beach is located next to the village of the same name, north-west of the town of Pag and near the village of Bošana. There is a beautiful viewpoint with a marble monument nearby, with a line drawn vertically that accurately depicts the line passage of the 15th meridian of eastern longitude, which marks the middle of the island of Pag. There are several smaller caves along the coastline, as well as a rock emerging from the sea near the shore, ideal for jumping and exploring the marine world. There is another large, striking stone of unusual shape on the left side of the beach. St. Marko is exposed to the sun until the afternoon, when the sun sets behind the hill rising above the beach. There are no catering facilities on the beach, which, along with the impressive views of Pag Bay and Velebit Mountain, creates an atmosphere of peace and contemplation surrounded by the beauties of nature.




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