Esperienza culturale attraverso la migliore storia gastronomica di Pag

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Discover some of the most beautiful sceneries in this part of Croatia and enjoy autochthonous meals prepared for you by local chefs.



Day 1: Arrival to Novalja and free time to explore the town. Dinner in one of the local restaurants in Novalja where we will have the opportunity to discuss the coming days at leisure.

Day 2: Visit to the winery and restaurant Boškinac. The Boškinac red wines are among Croatia’s finest wines, whereas white wines are a combination of autochthonous and international grape varieties. Wine tasting is followed by dinner at the restaurant which is known for its presentation of traditional island cuisine in a creative and contemporary manner.

Day 3: Visit to the Croatia’s oldest, largest, and most visited national park, Plitvice Lakes National Park, which has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the return from the National Park, enjoy dinner at the Restaurant Robert in Udbina. The restaurant features both local and international cuisine.

Day 4: Visit to the Gligora Cheese Dairy in Kolan. A tour of the cheese dairy and cheese tasting. The Pag Island Cheese is an autochthonous product which compares favorably with the world’s most renowned cheeses with its rich and strong taste which reflects Pag’s rocks and salt, medicinal herbs and the island’s tradition. Visit to the Prtorić Farm in Kolan and dinner at the restaurant.

Day 5: Visit to the Krka National Park, visit to and dinner at the Etnoland Dalmati in Pakovo Selo, the most awarded excursion center in Croatia. As the exact replica of a typical village of Šibenik and Dalmatian hinterland, Etnoland Dalmati offers visitors an experience of a past way of life as well as fun, relaxation and a glimpse into the local culture and customs.

Day 6: A tour of the Lun olive grove. This botanical reserve, which is a home to several olive varieties, is considered to be unique in the world because of a large number of thousand-year-old olive trees, which not even Israel and Greece may pride themselves on. After olive oil tasting in the olive grove, enjoy dinner at the Figurica Restaurant in Kolan where you may try a variety of meat and fish dishes in a cozy atmosphere with a view of pasture land and picturesque vineyards.

Day 7: A tour of historical and contemporary landmarks of Zadar, one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities. Transfer to Obrovac, a starting point of a boat ride along the Zrmanja River. Enjoy a stunning view of Zrmanja’s crystal clear waters and the canyon. Visit to the Mićanovi Dvori Farm where you may get a glimpse into the local traditions and customs. Dinner is served in autochthonous surroundings where Croatian dishes are prepared in a traditional manner.

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