Beriknica Beach is known for the natural installation of three stones in the sea, and it is overlooked by the Stogaj rock, which proudly welcomes all visitors. The beach is located 2 km southeast of the centre of Metajna. It can be reached by boat or on foot from Ručica Beach. Stogaj is a fascinating climbing site which attracts climbers and hikers from all over the world. It is also an integral part of the Life on Mars trail, one of the most attractive trails in Croatia. Rocky ground and rocky shoreline are part of the overall landscape of the eastern coastline of Pag Bay. The beach was probably named after the word berikata, a local word for Adam’s apple. By all means, we invite you to sing with your friends or family while visiting Beriknica and see if the meaning of the name of the beach has anything to do with the production of special colours of sound. Visiting Beriknica Beach allows you to enjoy a relaxing view of the town of Pag, the Pag Gate and the greenery of the Dubrava – Hanzine Special Forest Vegetation Reserve, located on the opposite side of Pag Bay. It is advisable to bring sunscreen due to the whole-day sun exposure. Since there are no catering facilities on the beach, you can indulge in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the refreshments that you will bring with you.

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