Filino is a beautiful 750 meters long pebble beach set in a wide cove, with gentle access to the sea followed by beautiful sandy parts. It is located at the very north-western edge of the green belt of the Dubrava – Hanzine Special Forest Vegetation Reserve. The beach can be reached by road from the direction of Pag or by boat. If arriving by car, parking is possible on the upper road, followed by a 40 meters long walk along a trail that is not suitable for the elderly. On the right side of the beach there are several rocks of interesting shape emerging from the sea. The beach is exposed to the sun for most of the day, but some shade can be found beneath the trees and shrubs. In the afternoon, after the sun hides behind a high hill rising above the beach, shade quickly covers the entire shoreline. Visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation, as well as the views of the crystal clear sea of Pag Bay and the impressive beauty of Velebit Mountain. There are no catering facilities on the beach, so it is recommended to bring food and drinks, as well as sun protection.

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