Kolan is a village in the centre of the island of Pag, so it is not surprising that its inhabitants call it “the heart of the island”. It is located between the two largest towns on the island, Novalja and Pag, 10 km from the first one and 16 km from the latter one.

Kolan is settled in a valley surrounded by the tops of the hills that protect it from strong bura wind that brings a large amount of salt from the Velebit Channel to the island of Pag. The locals of Kolan are primarily engaged in sheep breeding and viticulture.

Kolan has been inhabited by Liburnians since prehistoric times, and during Roman times on Pag Kolan was an important place, since the Roman settlement of Cissa was supplied with water from the Kolan field by a Roman aqueduct, to which Kolan probably owes its name.

Although Kolan has no access to the sea, many choose to spend their vacation here because of the superior gastronomic experience, natural beauty, interesting history and proximity to beautiful beaches. Sv. Duh, Čista, Prnjica, Katarelac, Girenica, Rogoza and Zrće are just some of the beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Kolan.

The protected ornithological reserve of Kolanjsko Blato is a favourite destination for bird watchers, as this wetland habitat boasts as many as 163 bird species.

Kolan is home to Gligora Cheese Dairy, the most awarded cheese factory in Croatia and one of the most awarded in the world, as well as Mih Cheese Factory, another internationally awarded factory, both of which produce Pag Cheese, a widely known Pag specialty. A tavern is open all year round where one can enjoy the best island specialties. During the summer, a few more taverns are open, so guests do not have to worry about not having the opportunity to enjoy exceptional food.

Lovers of active holidays are attracted by the proximity of the highest peak of the island of Pag, St. Vid, which offers a spectacular view of the entire island of Pag, the nearby islands, Pag Bay and Velebit Mountain.

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