Kornati National Park

The magic of the crystal clear sea, the silence and tranquillity of the Kornati islands will leave you breathless. The Kornati archipelago is the densest island group in the entire Mediterranean. 89 of its islands, that make up more than half of its surface, were declared a national park in 1980 due to the extraordinary beauty of their landscape, great coastal indentation and interesting geomorphology. The entire archipelago was named after the island of Kornat, its largest, longest and most well-known island. Miles of drystone walls in Kornati pastures, olive groves and vineyards tell the history of the Kornati islands. It is precisely this complex mosaic of drystone fences that is one of the most interesting cultural attractions in the Park. The 6th century Turet military fort is what many consider to be the most impressive structure we find today in the Kornati islands. It was built by Emperor Justinian, presumably for the purpose of controlling the navigation of the Adriatic Sea.

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