Košljun is a peaceful tourist place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and sheltered from strong bura wind, which attracts lovers of holidays filled with silence and relaxation. The village is located 11 km south of the town of Pag and it was founded as the exit port of the town of Pag to the open sea. Inhabitants of Pag would occasionally stay here during the year, and the village was first mentioned in written documents in the 14th century. Family holiday homes with beautiful gardens welcome guests eagerly, while the hosts, being skilful fishermen as well, heartily offer a variety of fish specialties and other island delicacies. The Košljun coastline boasts several lovely pebble beaches that offer beautiful views of the blue horizon and the island of Vir, while the thick shade of pine trees serves as the perfect spot for the local campsite. Cyclists are attracted by the macadam road, the oldest road on the island, which leads from the Old Town of Pag to Košljun and passes along the sea salt factory. In the neighbouring cove, a few kilometres from Košljun, there is a charming village of Proboj with a small harbour and several houses.

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