Northern Velebit National Park

The most prominent features of the magnificent landscape of Northern Velebit are the pristine beauty of its untouched nature, its diversity and wilderness, thanks to which it was declared a national park in 1999. The small area of this mountainous Park covers a lot of attractions, such as magnificent karst forms of Hajdučki kukovi and Rožanski kukovi, a unique botanical garden, as well as Lukina jama, one of the deepest pits in the world. Velebit is unique not only for its natural beauty, but also for its extremely abundant cultural heritage. Ante Premužić, a forestry engineer and passionate mountaineer, has designed a 57-kilometer trail that is a true masterpiece of construction. The trail was built in drywall and laid out so that it leads to the harshest and steepest parts of Northern Velebit in the simplest way. In 2009, the Premužić Trail was protected as a cultural property of national importance.

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