Dražica, in the village of Zubovići, is known for the charming Plat Beach. Due to its sandy shore, the gradual entrance to the sea and the fine gravel that covers the seabed, the beach is visited by people of all ages, from families with young children and young people to elderly lovers of natural beauty. The left side of the beach offers a view of the drystone walls which tell the history of the entire island of Pag, testifying to the former way of life which, among other things, resulted in a specific art of masonry. The view of the other side of Pag Bay includes the sight of the Sveti Duh campsite, followed by a string of sandy beaches all the way to the Dubrava – Hanzine Forest Vegetation Reserve. There is a restaurant on the beach where one can find shade and refreshments, such as food and drinks. Although the beach is fully exposed to sunshine throughout the day, one can also search for shade under the beach parasols.

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