About the town

Visit the town of Rab and find out why it has been adorned with the epithet “felix” (lucky) since the time of the Romans.  Approaching the island of Rab, maybe luck will reward you with a magnificent sight of dolphins. Located on a narrow part of land between two bays, surrounded by ancient walls, above which four bell towers proudly rise, the town of Rab irresistibly resembles a sailing ship with four masts.


Listen to the legends of the patron saint of the town, St. Christopher, who miraculously defended Rab from enemy attacks, as well as the story of the stonemason Marin who, in times of poverty, left Rab and settled near today’s city of Rimini. There, he became highly esteemed in the Christian community and had built a church that became a refuge for Christians and the basis for the development of the city-state of San Marino.

Visit Rabska Fjera, a unique three-day medieval festival, attend the celebration of the three saints, St. Jacob, St. Anne and St. Christopher, feel the energy of history and enjoy watching knight games. Observe the Renaissance and Gothic portals, above which stand the coats of arms of Rab’s noble families. Go back to the time of the nobility, when one of the most favourite desserts was rabska torta (Rab Cake), and taste this most original souvenir. You can also take part in its baking, while following a recipe that is about 800 years old.

Beauty of the town

Relax in the greenery of lush oak and pine forests around the town of Rab, which is why Rab is often called the emerald island. Moreover, it is most likely that the name Rab comes from the Liburnian word arba, which means “wooded” or “green”. Other souvenirs of the town of Rab are medicinal preparations, tinctures, honey products and liqueurs, which are prepared from various medicinal herbs by the diligent hands of the Benedictine nuns. Visit the beaches of the town of Rab and indulge in the feeling of comfort provided by the sand under your feet, while enjoying the magnificent blue tones of the sea and sky.

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