The miraculous beauty of Ručica Beach is evidenced by the fact that it is frequently used as a scenic backdrop for numerous videos and commercials, so it is not surprising that this beach is among the most visited ones on the island of Pag. Ručica Beach is located a kilometre south of the main promenade in Metajna and can be reached by car. The name of the beach comes from the local word ričica, which was given to it because of the streams and springs that are located near the beach. Ručica is surrounded by a dreamlike landscape that is irresistibly reminiscent of the lunar surface. The coast and the seabed are covered with pebble stones, and the entrance to the sea is gentle and therefore suitable for visitors of all ages. The beach is also characterized by an abundant diversity of landscape. To the left, the beach offers a view of Zamak, high cliffs of unusual form shaped by millennial exposure to bura wind. Ručica also offers views of the southern regions of Velebit Mountain, the Pag Gate, a narrow passage that connects Pag Bay with the Velebit Channel, as well as the town of Pag and the wooded area of the Dubrava-Hanzine Reserve. On the way from the main promenade to the beach, there is a tavern with excellent specialties, and on the beach itself, which offers no natural shade, there is a bistro where one can find refreshments.

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