Seline Beach is deeply indented, providing a sense of secrecy and tranquillity, which makes it perfect for diving and exploration of the coastal area. It is located opposite the Bay of Pag, on the side overlooking Velebit Mountain. The beach can be reached by boat or a long, demanding hike from Metajna. On the side of the island of Pag which faces the Velebit Channel, karst springs are a common occurrence, which is why the sea is of lower temperature and perfectly refreshing during the hot summer months. The shore is covered with fine gravel and the seabed with flat stones and sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle and allows for a gradual immersion in the freshness of the sea. The view of Velebit Mountain, which stretches in its entirety before the eyes of the viewer, evokes respect and admiration. The area of the Velebit Channel is especially unpredictable in the wintertime because of the sudden and extremely strong bura wind that brings salt sediment, which gives the island of Pag its mystical appearance. Strong bura wind is also possible during summer months, so it is advisable to be informed of the weather forecast before deciding to spend a day at Seline Beach. It is also necessary to bring sun protection as well as much needed refreshment during the summer heat.

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