Slana Beach invites you to enjoy the scenery characteristic of the entire eastern side of Pag Bay, which is irresistibly reminiscent of the lunar surface. The beach is accessible by boat or a longer hike from Metajna. It is located near the Pag Gate, a passage that connects Pag Bay with the Velebit Channel. The view of the peninsula which extends north from the town of Pag is enchanting. The beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs that create an atmosphere of exclusive intimacy. The fine gravel of the shore and the seabed promises a pleasant stay on the beach and easy entry into the sea. The turquoise sea is perfect for diving and exploring the marine world. The very view of the clear sea will fill you with admiration for the unreal beauty of the nearby landscape. Local sheep, that are frequent visitors to the area because of a drinking water source located above the beach, will gladly appear in any photos you might take during your beach stay. Due to the whole-day sun exposure and the fact that there are no catering facilities on Slana Beach, it is advisable to bring sunscreen and refreshments such as food and drinks.

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