Veli Zaton

Privacy, tranquillity and relaxation are the true benefits of visiting Veli Zaton Beach, the scenery of which completely resembles the specific lunar appearance of both Pag Bay and the coastline that faces the Velebit Channel. The closest place to Veli Zaton Beach is the town of Pag, located 2 km south of the beach. The beach itself is located in the area of Pag Gate, the passage which connects Pag Bay and the Velebit Channel. It is accessible by boat. The bay where the beach is located is several times larger than the bay of the neighbouring Mali Zaton Beach, which is separated from Veli Zaton by a rocky hill. The top of that hill offers a spectacular view of Pag Bay, Šestakovci Rocks and Cape St Christopher with a small church of the same name and a white lighthouse, while Velebit Mountain majestically completes the whole scene. The peacefulness of the beach alternates harmoniously with the sound of waves and seagulls proudly spreading their wings in the blue sky. The shore is covered with pebbles, and the seabed with stones and some sand. Deeper parts are reached quickly after entering the sea, which is perfect for exploring the marine world. Since Veli Zaton Beach offers no natural shade and no catering facilities, it is advisable to bring sunscreen and refreshments.

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