Vidalići is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy views of the Bay of Pag, its turquoise sea and the coast characterized by alternating scenes of rocky terrain and wooded landscape.

The village of Vidalići is located at the beginning of a series of villages with the common name of Barbati in the north-eastern part of the island of Pag. In addition to Vidalići, Barbati also includes the villages of Kustići, Zubovići and Metajna, most of which were formed in the 18th century by families moving from the town of Pag to catch and dry tuna fish, flocks of which were frequent visitors to the Bay of Pag.

Vidalići can be reached from the direction of Novalja or the ferry port of Žigljen. The main activity of the inhabitants of Vidalići is tourism, mostly providing apartment accommodation services to their guests. The enchanting beauty of Pag Bay entices visitors to enjoy the charming beaches of Vidalići until sunset.

In the immediate vicinity of Vidalići, on the road that leads from Caska to Vidalići, begins a path along the drystone walls that leads to the Pag Triangle, an unusual footprint in the stone, a phenomenon that has been attracting the attention of scientists and tourists since its discovery more than 20 years ago.

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