Plaža Zrće

Exceptional beauty, attractive facilities, long pebble shore and crystal clear sea make Zrće Beach one of the most stunning beaches in Croatia. The beach is located 4 km southeast of Novalja in a beautiful bay next to a pine forest, and it has a large parking lot. It offers a spectacular view of Pag Bay, above the tops of which rises the majestic Velebit Mountain, which merges with the magical blue tones of the sky. Thanks to the exceptional natural characteristics and facilities, the beach boasts a Blue Flag label since 2003. The 1.5 km long shore can receive thousands of tourists, who visit Zrće every day during the summer to experience top performances of DJs and artists at the very top of electronic, techno, dance, hip-hop and R&B music scene. Noa, Kalypso, Papaya, Nomad, Euphoria and Rocks, the famous clubs on Zrće Beach, have been emitting fantastic vibes and great beats for years, which makes Zrće widely known as the best party destination on the Adriatic coast. The popular pool and foam parties, pre-parties and after parties, offering a wide variety of cocktails and other refreshing drinks, guarantee an unforgettable time. Refreshment can also be found in numerous restaurants and fast-food facilities on site. Visitors of Zrće Beach can enjoy a whole array of recreational and sports facilities, such as jet-ski, water skiing, wakeboarding, banana tubes, bungee jumping, beach volleyball, water slides, canoes, and they also have a possibility to rent boats, sun loungers and parasols.

Privacy, tranquillity and relaxation are the true benefits of visiting Veli Zaton Beach, the scenery of which completely resembles the specific lunar appearance of both Pag Bay and the coastline that faces the Velebit Channel. The closest place to Veli Zaton Beach is the town of Pag, located 2 km south of the beach. The beach itself is located in the area of Pag Gate, the passage which connects Pag Bay and the Velebit Channel. It is accessible by boat. The bay where the beach is located is several times larger than the bay of the neighbouring Mali Zaton Beach, which is separated from Veli Zaton by a rocky hill. The top of that hill offers a spectacular view of Pag Bay, Šestakovci Rocks and Cape St Christopher with a small church of the same name and a white lighthouse, while Velebit Mountain majestically completes the whole scene. The peacefulness of the beach alternates harmoniously with the sound of waves and seagulls proudly spreading their wings in the blue sky. The shore is covered with pebbles, and the seabed with stones and some sand. Deeper parts are reached quickly after entering the sea, which is perfect for exploring the marine world. Since Veli Zaton Beach offers no natural shade and no catering facilities, it is advisable to bring sunscreen and refreshments.

Mali Zaton Beach provides a complete experience of a truly harsh landscape, being set in the middle of a rocky and indented coastline, characteristic of the scenery of the entire island of Pag. It is accessible by boat and located 2 km north of the town of Pag, in the area of Pag Gate, the passage which connects Pag Bay and the Velebit Channel. The beach is pebbly and the seabed rocky, while several smaller steep rocks that emerge from the sea invite you to discover the beauty of the sea and its depths, which are reached quickly after entering the sea. The beach offers an impressive view of Velebit Mountain, the unusually shaped rock formations of the peninsula next to the village of Metajna, as well as the rocky islets of Mali Maškalić and Veli Maškalić, which are located very close to the beach. The rocky hill separating Mali Zaton Beach from the neighbouring Veli Zaton Beach gives both beaches an atmosphere of privacy and complete tranquillity. It is advisable to bring sunscreen, as well as some food and drinks, since there are no catering facilities on the beach.

Beriknica Beach is known for the natural installation of three stones in the sea, and it is overlooked by the Stogaj rock, which proudly welcomes all visitors. The beach is located 2 km southeast of the centre of Metajna. It can be reached by boat or on foot from Ručica Beach. Stogaj is a fascinating climbing site which attracts climbers and hikers from all over the world. It is also an integral part of the Life on Mars trail, one of the most attractive trails in Croatia. Rocky ground and rocky shoreline are part of the overall landscape of the eastern coastline of Pag Bay. The beach was probably named after the word berikata, a local word for Adam’s apple. By all means, we invite you to sing with your friends or family while visiting Beriknica and see if the meaning of the name of the beach has anything to do with the production of special colours of sound. Visiting Beriknica Beach allows you to enjoy a relaxing view of the town of Pag, the Pag Gate and the greenery of the Dubrava – Hanzine Special Forest Vegetation Reserve, located on the opposite side of Pag Bay. It is advisable to bring sunscreen due to the whole-day sun exposure. Since there are no catering facilities on the beach, you can indulge in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the refreshments that you will bring with you.

The beautiful pebbly and sandy shore of Sveti Marko invites visitors to enjoy its beauty and explore its attractions. Sveti Marko Beach (St Marcus’ Beach) is located next to the village of the same name, north-west of the town of Pag and near the village of Bošana. There is a beautiful viewpoint with a marble monument nearby, with a line drawn vertically that accurately depicts the line passage of the 15th meridian of eastern longitude, which marks the middle of the island of Pag. There are several smaller caves along the coastline, as well as a rock emerging from the sea near the shore, ideal for jumping and exploring the marine world. There is another large, striking stone of unusual shape on the left side of the beach. The beach is exposed to the sun until the afternoon, when the sun sets behind the hill rising above it. There are no catering facilities on the beach, which, along with the impressive views of Pag Bay and Velebit Mountain, creates an atmosphere of peace and contemplation surrounded by beauties of nature.

Slana Beach invites you to enjoy the scenery characteristic of the entire eastern side of Pag Bay, which is irresistibly reminiscent of the lunar surface. The beach is accessible by boat or a longer hike from Metajna. It is located near the Pag Gate, a passage that connects Pag Bay with the Velebit Channel. The view of the peninsula which extends north from the town of Pag is enchanting. The beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs that create an atmosphere of exclusive intimacy. The fine gravel of the shore and the seabed promises a pleasant stay on the beach and easy entry into the sea. The turquoise sea is perfect for diving and exploring the marine world. The very view of the clear sea will fill you with admiration for the unreal beauty of the nearby landscape. Local sheep, that are frequent visitors to the area because of a drinking water source located above the beach, will gladly appear in any photos you might take during your beach stay. Due to the whole-day sun exposure and the fact that there are no catering facilities on Slana Beach, it is advisable to bring sunscreen and refreshments such as food and drinks.

Dražica, in the village of Zubovići, is known for the charming Plat Beach. Due to its sandy shore, the gradual entrance to the sea and the fine gravel that covers the seabed, the beach is visited by people of all ages, from families with young children and young people to elderly lovers of natural beauty. The left side of the beach offers a view of the drystone walls which tell the history of the entire island of Pag, testifying to the former way of life which, among other things, resulted in a specific art of masonry. The view of the other side of Pag Bay includes the sight of the Sveti Duh campsite, followed by a string of sandy beaches all the way to the Dubrava – Hanzine Forest Vegetation Reserve. There is a restaurant on the beach where one can find shade and refreshments, such as food and drinks. Although the beach is fully exposed to sunshine throughout the day, one can also search for shade under the beach parasols.

Seline Beach is deeply indented, providing a sense of secrecy and tranquillity, which makes it perfect for diving and exploration of the coastal area. It is located opposite the Bay of Pag, on the side overlooking Velebit Mountain. The beach can be reached by boat or a long, demanding hike from Metajna. On the side of the island of Pag which faces the Velebit Channel, karst springs are a common occurrence, which is why the sea is of lower temperature and perfectly refreshing during the hot summer months. The shore is covered with fine gravel and the seabed with flat stones and sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle and allows for a gradual immersion in the freshness of the sea. The view of Velebit Mountain, which stretches in its entirety before the eyes of the viewer, evokes respect and admiration. The area of the Velebit Channel is especially unpredictable in the wintertime because of the sudden and extremely strong bura wind that brings salt sediment, which gives the island of Pag its mystical appearance. Strong bura wind is also possible during summer months, so it is advisable to be informed of the weather forecast before deciding to spend a day at Seline Beach. It is also necessary to bring sun protection as well as much needed refreshment during the summer heat.

Every visitor gladly returns to Jadra Beach, fascinated by the beauty that Jadra generously reveals. Approaching the end of Stara Novalja and the former Drljanda ferry dock, the road that turns to the right and rises abruptly uphill leads to the beach. Surrounded by sharp cliffs, Jadra provides an experience of the untouched, wild and magical harshness of the island of Pag. The coast is partly rocky, allowing for jumping into the sea and irresistibly calling its visitors to dive and explore the marine world. In addition to its pebble part, Jadra also has sandy coves and concrete steps that facilitate entry into the sea. The beach offers a beautiful view of the northern part of the island of Pag, the islands of Rab and Cres, while the view of Velebit Mountain undoubtedly enriches the diversity of the landscape. There is a parking lot, a snack bar and a cafe on the beach, and deck chairs and parasols can be rented. Near Jadra Beach there is also a nudist beach and a dog beach.

The miraculous beauty of Ručica Beach is evidenced by the fact that it is frequently used as a scenic backdrop for numerous videos and commercials, so it is not surprising that this beach is among the most visited ones on the island of Pag. Ručica Beach is located a kilometre south of the main promenade in Metajna and can be reached by car. The name of the beach comes from the local word ričica, which was given to it because of the streams and springs that are located near the beach. Ručica is surrounded by a dreamlike landscape that is irresistibly reminiscent of the lunar surface. The coast and the seabed are covered with pebble stones, and the entrance to the sea is gentle and therefore suitable for visitors of all ages. The beach is also characterized by an abundant diversity of landscape. To the left, the beach offers a view of Zamak, high cliffs of unusual form shaped by millennial exposure to bura wind. Ručica also offers views of the southern regions of Velebit Mountain, the Pag Gate, a narrow passage that connects Pag Bay with the Velebit Channel, as well as the town of Pag and the wooded area of the Dubrava-Hanzine Reserve. On the way from the main promenade to the beach, there is a tavern with excellent specialties, and on the beach itself, which offers no natural shade, there is a bistro where one can find refreshments.