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The life on the coast and on the islands of the Adriatic Sea is inextricably connected with the tradition of wine. Its enticing taste, flavour and colour have been enjoyed by inhabitants of this region for centuries. Sheltered by the beautiful island of Pag, a nurtured winegrowing tradition and mild Mediterranean climate have contributed to the development of autochthonous varieties of high-quality wines full or flavour and wine distillates with the addition of medicinal herbs. 

By visiting the Boškinac wine road, you will learn everything you need to know about the production of this precious nectar and actively participate in this natural process. Pick grapes in the vineyards of Pag and observe first-hand how the finest wine is produced. Find out more about the autochthonous wine varieties through expert lectures, learn how to identify their characteristics and quality and, finally, taste this magical drink that blends perfectly with the traditional flavours of the island – olives and Pag cheese.

The price includes

Accommodation, excursion transfers, guide for all organized activities, necessary equipment, tickets.


Grape picking, the process of making wine and wine distillates with the addition of medicinal herbs; expert lectures on the vineyards of Pag, the history of winemaking and autochthonous wine varieties of the island of Pag; wine tasting.

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