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Pag is an island of diverse flavours – a place known for highly valued olive oil, aromatic herbs and excellent Dalmatian wine, but especially for the unique Pag cheese. In its rich and strong taste, this autochthonous product, which stands alongside the world’s most famous cheeses, combines Pag stone and salt, medicinal aromatic herbs and the tradition of the island. 

Observe herds of Pag sheep carelessly grazing the finest plants on pastures surrounded by specific drystone walls. Learn about the production of Pag cheese and its ripening to the characteristic taste and aroma that many cannot resist. Taste the cheese that has been winning world awards for years, proudly carrying the label of an authentic Croatian product. It will simply melt in your mouth, asking to be combined with a glass of wine. Enjoy the true flavours of the island of Pag.

The price includes

Accommodation, excursion transfers, guide for all organized activities, necessary equipment, tickets.


Visiting herds of sheep in pastures surrounded by specific drystone walls; expert lectures on sheep breeding and Pag cheese production; cheese tasting with experts sharing their knowledge of recognizing the main characteristics and quality of cheese.

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