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Sightseeing of archaeological sites and a boat ride over the sunken Roman town Cissa; visit a museum and a Roman aqueduct; an expert talk about archaeological findings and their significance within the Roman Empire.

Tour description

The Roman Empire left a significant and indelible mark on tea Dalmatia region. The Island of Pag failed to escape this influence, which in terms of the length of its coast is by far the most indented island of the Adriatic. The sunken Roman town of Cissa, today known as Caska, is frequently described in many legends and former Navalia, known today as Novalja, both as rich archaeological findings enabling us to learn about the way of life in past times. Both connected by a hand-carved stone, 1042 meters long, underground an Antique aqueduct called Talijanova Buža – fascinating monumental heritage of the island. Visit the archaeological sites of Pag, take boat ride over the sunken Roman town Cissa beneath you and learn more of its history by visiting museums and listening to expert talks. Gain further knowledge with a visit to an ethnographic collection in Kolan and to finish off your educational experience about life and tradition of the island, what better way the to taste indigenous delicacies.

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