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Observe of herd of sheep on Pag circled by a specific dry wall; expert lectures about sheep-keeping and the production process of Pag Cheese; cheese-tasting with experts sharing knowledge of identifying main features and cheese quality.

Tour description

The diverse tastes of the Island of Pag – highly-respected olive oil, aromatic herb as and fine drops of Dalmatian wine. However, the island is mostly spoken out due to the famous and unique Pag Cheese. This autochtonous product which equals the most popular of world cheeses, summarises Pag’s stone, salt, healing aromatic herbs and tradition of the island trough its rich and strong taste. Take a tour and see herds of Pag’s sheep freely grazing the finest of herbs on pastures enclosed by a specific dray wall. Learn about the Production of Pag Cheese, the process of maturing to a characteristic spicy irresistible taste and flavor. Taste the cheese that has continued to conquer world awards for many years and proudly carries the label of an a authentic Croatian product, melting in the mouths of impressed tasters combined with a glass of wine. Enjoy the fullness flavors of Pag Island.

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