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Visit olive groves in Lun and listen to expert lectures on olives that are more than a thousand years old; olive picking and learning about processing olive oil; oil-tasting and identifying quality, wine-tasting with Pag Cheese.

Tour description 

A drop of olive oil translates into a drop of health, containing all the Mediterranean magic and the love of the sun inside itself. A botanic reserve of various sorts of olives that grow in the area of Lun on the Island Pag is considered a unique impression of our world. By strolling between the trees of fascinating architecture, whose roots interweave with stones, you experience the magnificent history which once unfolded beneath trees. Breathe in the peace of the olive oasis from biblical times, and with bleating of sheep and cricket song, enjoy the primal sounds of nature. Learn how to pick the olives in these specific conditions on the stony soil and how to abstract the precious oil. By oil-tasting learn how to identify its main characteristics and its rank of quality. Understand how to combine it with excellent Pag Cheese and quality wines creating a perfect union of tastes.

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