Island Pag & Zrmanja adventure

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A guide will share with you many curiosities that testify to the importance, beauty and mysterious character of this magical island. Enjoy active holidays in beautiful locations. Challenge yourself with kayak, bike and hike tours that will give you an adrenaline rush and make you fall in love with the enchanting beauty of the island of Pag and Zrmanja river.

Have fun canoeing on the enchanting rivers of the surrounding area of the island of Pag, while enjoying the beautiful view of the playful rapids and waterfalls. Zrmanja River is one of the best rafting rivers in this part of Europe during high water levels, while during the summer it is calm and serene, slowly helping its visitors float through the stunning landscape.

The fairy-tale atmosphere of the lunar landscape of Pag Bay will delight you with its overwhelming contrast of the blue skies and sea and the white stone. While kayaking get lost in the magic of the scenery and the views of the beautiful beaches which are often the main reason why tourists visit the island of Pag.

The hiking tour begins in Kolan and continues along the shepherds’ paths towards the highest peak of the island. Sveti Vid is a rocky hill with remnants of a prehistoric fortress at an altitude of 349 meters, one of the largest prehistoric fortresses on the island and will provide fascinating view of the rich diversity of the island of Pag and its archipelago.

Get to know the bird life of the “Kolanjsko blato” ornithological reserve by biking along the panoramic paths of the island of Pag. The scent and beauty of autochthonous plants will make this unique experience complete.

The Pag bike tour combines the distant past, the present and the future. Biking through the hinterland of the city of Pag offers beautiful views of the whole island and provides an authentic experience.

The trail through the hinterland of the city of Pag offers breathtaking views of the sea salt factory, Pag’s coastline, the Zadar Archipelago and the majestic Velebit Mountain, and it points out the importance of the island of Pag, both in the past and the present.

All activities begin with brief instructions, after which you are completely ready to paddle, hike and ride, no matter if you’re doing it for the first time or you’re a professional. Witness the fabulous suffusion of blue and white tones, explore the landscape diversity and discover the green areas of this moonlike island.

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