Take the opportunity to get to know the most beautiful paths of the island of Pag, reaching secret sites, charming bays and secluded coves. St. Vid, the highest peak of the island, generously rewards with an unforgettable view of the surrounding archipelago.

Paklenica is national park favoured by hiking lovers. It is part of Velebit Mountain, the highest mountain in Croatia, famous for its incredible bio-diversity and richness of woods, canyons, rocks and caves that fill visitors with enthusiasm. Paklenica area contains 150-200 km of trails and paths.

The town of Pag, the only town in history to be moved three times, has always sparked great interest. Awe-inspiring monuments, rich cultural tradition and sites included on the World Heritage list bear witness to the significance of not only the town itself, but also the island as a whole.

Pag cheese is an autochtonous product which compares favourably with the world’s most famous cheeses. Its rich and flavourful taste is a result of the island’s stone and salt, medicinal and aromatic herbs as well as of the tradition of the island of Pag. Enjoy in guided tour of the Gligora cheese factory in protective clothing, lasting for 25 minutes, mini tasting of 6 types of cheese (cottage cheese, Pag cheese, Kozlar, Kolan), Dalmatian prosciutto, 2 dcl of wine per person, olive oil, bread and water.

All activities begin with brief instructions, after which you are completely ready to hike and enjoy, no matter if you’re doing it for the first time or you’re a professional. Witness the fabulous suffusion of blue and white tones, explore the landscape diversity and discover the green areas of this moonlike island and Paklenica National Park.

The price includes

Accommodation, tour transfer, guide for all organized activities, tickets.


The island of Pag invites you to hike through its fascinating areas which delight with their unique natural architecture, interesting historical stories, mysterious events, beauty of the karst landscape and the magical views of the Velebit Mountain with exciting hiking trails that roam through its untouched nature.

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