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Blog - Hike- Life on Mars

Planned tours for May 2021.

As every year, we want to provide you with unforgettable experiences on the beautiful island of Pag and its surroundings. In the spring month of May you can enjoy the following natural beauties:

Hike Life on Mars and Via Ferrata
Blog- Hike - Life on Mars
Source: Tourist Board of Town of Novalja (Mario Jurina)

Explore Pag’s “Mars” with us and encourage yourself to the challenge for body and mind. This event, not only enchants with the landscape but seeks physical activity that has a number of positive effects on us.

Blog-Hike- Via Ferrata
Source: Tourist Board of Town of Novalja (Mario Jurina)
Sea Kayaking – Pag Bay
Kayak, Bike, Hike & Walk - Sea Kayaking - Pag Bay
Source: Tourist Board of Town of Novalja

The bay of Pag delights with its natural wealth. Through the tour you will get to know the characteristic of Pag’s rocky landscape and beautiful beaches Ručica, Sušac, Veli Zaton, Kantarišće, Malin and Slana. The mountain Velebit and the Pag Gate will attract your glance all the time. Apart from sailing along the coast and many other smaller beaches, you will also be delighted by the Gača cave.

Discover the hidden parts of Pag through hiking tours:

Kozje Berdo and Pag triangle

The combination of Pag’s rocks, hidden coves of the Upper Sea and the remains of bauxite mines, delights with its story and diversity of landscapes, while the phenomenon of the Pag Triangle attracts the attention of ufologists and alternative researchers of the past.

Blog - Hike - Kozje Berdo

Sveti Vid, the highest peak of Pag island.

Kayak, Bike, Hike & Walk - Hike - Sveti Vid
Source: Dalibor Lovrić

Experience the Pag Gate with a view from above!

Kayak, Bike, Hike & Walk - Hike - Pag
Vrtovi Lunjskih Maslina,

Take a walk through the fairytale olive grove in Lun and learn the story of centuries-old olive trees.

Kayak, Bike, Hike & Walk - Walk - Lun
Source: Tourist Board of Town of Novalja (authors Posada agency and Makol agency)

Breathe in the peace of the Lun olive grove whose past dates back to biblical times. Driving on fine macadam paths allows complete enjoyment in the beauty of centuries-old olive trees.

Take a bike ride through Novaljsko polje towards Stara Novalja to Jadra beach, and along Zaglava, which offers a stunning view of the Kvarner islands and the Velebit archipelago.

Kayak, Bike, Hike & Walk - Bike - Zaglava
Source: Tourist Board of Town of Novalja (authors Posada agency and Makol agency)

Pag also discovers its charms from the sea. Relax and refresh on a yacht tour in the company of your family or friends by driving to the beautiful sandy coves where you will enjoy the natural beauty and crystal clear sea.

Boat Trips - Private Yacht Tour

In the immediate vicinity of the Pag island is the mountain Velebit, which with its size and beauty is breathtaking. On Northern Velebit you can enjoy the beautiful nature with a magnificent view of the Adriatic Sea and islands.

Source: NP Northern Velebit (Pogled sa V. Zavižana na otoke)

On the other hand, the characteristic canyons carved in the southern slopes of Velebit are delightful, where the abundance of geomorphological phenomena and shapes, the diversity of flora and fauna and untouched nature provide a unique experience.

National Parks - Paklenica
Source: NP Paklenica

We will be happy to share all these adventures with you in order to experience the island of Pag and its surroundings differently. We look forward to your inquiries.

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