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The walk begins with a visit to the marsh habitat that boasts richness and diversity of bird species. Kolanjsko Blato was formed in the Pleistocene era, 13.000 years ago, and today it is protected as an ornithological reserve. A total of 163 bird species were recorded in Kolanjsko Blato and its vicinity, out of which 66 are nestling birds. Kolanjski Bunar, a natural water spring which fed the Roman aqueduct, is located nearby. Kolanjsko Blato is a unique phenomenon on the Croatian islands, which is also known for the story of Kolan coal mines. At the end of the walk you can visit the church of St. Jerolim which was built at the end of the 15th century and the bridge on Suteska, where the water flowed from the southern part of Kolanjsko Polje towards Kolanjsko Blato.

The price includes

Transport from Novalja, guided tour.

Location of departure

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