Tours - Adrenaline Rush by Land, Air and Water

Quad biking on the island of Pag allows you to explore remote and hidden places of the island, discover the exceptional beauty of nature and enjoy the beautiful views of the Kvarner islands and the Velebit Canal.

Adrenaline park Plitvice is located in a beautiful environment and offers numerous exciting activities, such as rock climbing, a 12-meter high swing and zorbing. Kayaking on the river Zrmanja and its karst valley, which belongs to the Velebit Nature Park, as well as enjoying the beautiful area with fascinating waterfalls and swimming under them will delight every visitor.

Adventure and excursion center Rizvan City is located in Lika, within the Velebit Nature Park. It offers many unique, attractive adventure activities, including an adrenaline park, archery, zip line and human table football, a great way to improve communication and strengthen team spirit, all while having fun and lots of laughs.

In the realm of magnificent adventures, it is difficult to surpass the excitement provided by diving. Discovering the mysterious underwater world, meeting amazing creatures, exploring shipwrecks, going to places that only a few have visited, all of this is possible if one acquires the necessary knowledge and skills by attending a scuba diver course certified by NAUI, the National Association of Underwater Instructors. Their certificate is recognized all over the world.


The course is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the theoretical part, a permanent access code for E-learning is assigned so that one can always update their knowledge afterwards. The course teaches about modern diving equipment, diving science, skills and the environment. The practical part consists of six dives. The first dive is a discovery programme dive with an instructor, up to 5 meters deep and intended for pure enjoyment, followed by dives in which exercises or simulations of real situations under water are performed. The depth is gradually increased, which results in the last performed dive, a tourist dive, being 18 meters deep.


During your stay on the island of Pag, don't miss the chance to taste the island's specialties, go sightseeing, explore the unique beauty of Pag. The island's surroundings invite you to enjoy the untouched nature and rich cultural and historical heritage.

Enjoy a great seven-day pastime and amusing wakeboard activities. It doesn't matter if you are boarding for the first time or you already feel at home on the ski lift, come to Pag and indulge in the magic of adrenaline activities on the sea. You can also enjoy additional activities, such as riding jet skis, bananas, tubes, sonars and sofas, in search of fun and relaxation.


The ski lift on the island of Pag is one of the most modern European ski lifts on the sea. The construction itself, which is located on a platform about 20 meters from the shore, consists of a sports equipment and clothing store, a spacious terrace with a beautiful view of Pag Bay and Velebit Mountain and a restaurant that offers excellent food and refreshing drinks. The total area is 600m2 large, the length of the cable is 600m, with the average height of the cable being 10m. The park is equipped with six obstacles that allow a variety of performances and turns and, of course, maximum excitement. In case you have not brought your equipment with you, don't worry, you can rent wakeboards, skis, suits, helmets and vests on site.


Wakepark is located near Zrće Beach, which attracts thousands of lovers of electronic music throughout the summer, thanks to the many world-famous names of the club scene of today. During your stay on the island of Pag, be sure to have time to taste autochthonous specialties such as Pag cheese, lamb meat, olive oil, premium red and white wines, as well as to explore the beauties and sights of the island of Pag and its surroundings.