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Do you like kayaking in smaller groups? Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Zrmanja River and its canyon and share this unique experience with family and friends. This emerald green river, one of the most beautiful ones in Croatia, will leave you breathless, while kayaking in a stable and easy-to-use packraft boat will make you feel safe and free.


You meet your guides in Kaštel Žegarski. After changing clothes and receiving instructions from the guides, your adventure may start. The route goes down the Zrmanja River towards the estuary of the Krupa River, where you leave the packrafts and hike to the waterfalls of the Krupa River where you can refresh and take a swim. After this break, you head back to the packrafts and continue rowing through the scenic landscape of Zrmanja to Muškovci, with one more swimming break planned. The tour is about 4 hours long. At the end of your route, a shuttle will be waiting for you to take you back to the starting point. The rowing is not exhausting nor dangerous, and during the summer the river is clear and warm. This activity is perfect for beginners as well as for experienced river runners.


Transport can be organized for a minimum of 6 people. 


The group consists of a maximum of 9 people or packrafts. Each packraft is a one-seater, equipped with a 10 litre watertight barrel which you can use to store your belongings (clothes, documents, camera, dry food and drinks). Each participant gets a lifejacket, a helmet and neoprene slippers in case they do not have their own, and in case of colder and windy weather a neoprene suit.


Bring water, food, sunscreen, a bathing suit or trunks, a towel, a T-shirt, spare socks, sandals or water shoes; a long sleeve shirt if the weather is chilly, preferably a synthetic one. If you wear glasses, fasten them with a string or something similar. The tour operator is not responsible for lost, damaged, or missing items. The excursion is organized every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with two departures per day: at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. You must arrive to the meeting point in Kaštel Žegarski half an hour earlier, at 8:30 a.m. or at 1:30 p.m. in order to have enough time to change clothes and receive instructions.

Location of departure

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